A Guru on the Horizon

He has an imposing figure. Saffron clad, big locks of hair crowding his face, huge eyes and the air of calm self confidence he projects to those surrounding him. The tenor of his voice puts you at ease and stirs you deeply at the same time. The words come from deep within him and give you a sense of peace. His pearls of wisdom are full of common sense and deep thought. He is an intriguing bundle of a mystic, a sadhu, a sidhpurush and a common man.

I remember the day I first met him at a common friend’s house. I was one of the lucky few invited to meet Mohanji, a seer, a seeker and a giver. He was to bless us with Shaktipath. Shaktipath essentially means the descent of spiritual energy (Chit-Shakti) of the Guru on the Chit-Shakti of the disciple. I remember I had gone there with many misgivings. What if it backfires? What is this energy? Some people had warned me that it might screw up your senses. Some tantrics say that it can make you go mad. etc. etc. Well, I went ahead anyways. I have been reading up on spirituality and had mugged up quite a bit of Indian and Western philosophies on human energy. I decided that it was time to have some first-hand experience and put the education aside for the time being.

When I saw Mohanji for the first time, I had a feeling of Déjà vu. With a big garland of roses around his neck and his beautiful wife sitting besides him, he looked quite normal. And then I looked closely. He seemed to radiate a presence beyond any normalcy. His eyes spoke volumes. His words were sharp, precise and soft at the same time. And most important of all, he spoke sense.

 Shaktipath, according to him, is a pathless path. An interesting metaphor, it means that you do not have to commit yourself to a rigorous discipline to attain salvation. You can be human, be kind, be compassionate and attain salvation while pursuing your worldly avatar. That you don’t have to wear white clothes and sing bhajans in the praise of almighty and go live in an ashram to convince God of your spiritual inclinations. He further emphasized that God lives in the heart of every human being, it is up to you to recognize and cultivate Him through your behavior. Your spirituality shines through the way you treat your spouse, your children, your servants, your friends and most important – how you treat people you do not get along well with. 

How you treat and love yourself, maintain your self respect is more important to this Guru before loving others. Life is not just about me, mine and myself any more. It is more about me, you and all of us together and how we internalize our values, externalize our behavior and channelize our energy to the world at large.

When we were meditating in his presence, the powerful energy waves in that room became so strong that I felt a surge of energy crushing me against my seat, something I have never experienced before during meditation. Getting Shaktipath from him has been one of the most blissful experiences of my life. I felt like I arrived home that day, after a long journey. It was an amazing and wonderful experience. I am calmer, feel less stressed and am getting unique insights into old situations, even breaking patterns which had imprisoned my thinking over the years. It feels as if I have gained freedom from myself, a blissful experience indeed, all thanks to Mohanji, an amazing amazing Guru indeed.

Thank You Mohanji. I am quite indebted to you. Thank You 🙂

Note: Mohanji runs an organization called “Bless The World”. Click here for more info on it http://www.mohanji.org/. He also writes a blog which has an immense wealth of spiritual knowledge in it http://pkmohan.wordpress.com/2010/08/. He can also be found on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mohanji-BTW/130439553644867.

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